CAS Key Laboratory of Soft Matter Chemistry
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    CAS Key Laboratory of Soft Matter Chemistry

  • Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Key Laboratory of Soft Chemistry was founded on December 29, 2009. The laboratory research is concentrated on multi-disciplinary compromise and overlapping among chemistry, physics, and biology in the area of soft matter. Theoretic and experimental studies on the aggregation structure of soft matter and their modulation strategies are conducted to get further insight into the basic problems in soft matter science and technology, such as controllable formation of soft matter with versatile structures, the relationships among the structure, response behaviors and physical properties. Our aim is to solve the key techniques and elementary problems in soft matter materials application, especially in biomedical materials, optoelectronic materials and separation materials, and eventually make contributions to the progressive development in both scientific research and country economy.

     The main research activities of this lab include:
    (1)  Molecular design and synthesis of soft matter materials;
    (2)  Aggregation structure modulation of soft matter materials;
    (3)  Biomedical soft matter materials;
    (4)  Soft matter optoelectronic information materials;
    (5)  Soft matter separation materials.

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