XIA Changrong(夏长荣)

    XIA Changrong(夏长荣)

  • Ph.D., University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) (1996); M.S., USTC (1992); B.S., USTC (1990).

    Professor of Materials Science 
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering 
    School of Chemistry and Materials Science
    University of Science and Technology of China
    Hefei, Anhui 230026, P. R. China

    Tel: 86-551-63607475

    Fax: 86-551-63601592
    E-mail: xiacr@ustc.edu.cn
    Personal Homepage:http://staff.ustc.edu.cn/~xiacr/index.htm

    Dr. Xia’s primary interests lie in processing inorganic materials. In particular, he is interested in developing new materials for energy conversion, for pollutant removal, and for membrane separation. In addition, he is interested in fundamental understanding of the effect of structure, defect, and microstructure on transport and electrical properties of bulks, surfaces and interfaces.
    Dr. Xia’s current research activities include (1) development of new materials for solid oxide fuel cells that using hydrocarbons as the fuel; (2) fabrication and characterization of ceramic membranes, thin films, and coatings for solid-state ionic devices; (3) development of new materials for low-temperature solid-state fuel cells; and (4) characterization of fuel cell reactions.


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