DU Pingwu(杜平武)

    DU Pingwu(杜平武)

  • Postdoc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) (2009-2011); Ph.D., University of Rochester (2009); M.S., University of Rochester (2006); B.S., Wuhan University (2001).
    Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science
    CAS Key Laboratory of Materials for Energy Conversion
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering
    School of Chemistry and Materials Science
    University of Science and Technology of China
    Hefei, Anhui 230026, P. R. China

    Tel: 86-551-63606207

    E-mail: dupingwu@ustc.edu.cn
    Personal Homepage: http://staff.ustc.edu.cn/~dupingwu/

    1. Artificial Photosynthesis
    (1) Water Splitting: Electrocatalytic and Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production;
    (2) Catalysts for Water Oxidation;
    (3) Carbon Dioxide Reduction;
    (4) Laser Spectroscopy and Photoinduced Electron Transfer;
    2. Coordination Chemistry and Materials Science
    (1) Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry;
    (2) Photochemistry, Fluorescent Sensors;
    (3) Carbon-Based Materials;


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