Polymerisation-Induced Self-Assembly via RAFT Dispersion Polymerisation

    Polymerisation-Induced Self-Assembly via RAFT Dispersion Polymerisation

  • Lecturer: Prof. Steven P. Armes ( University of Sheffield, England )

    Time: 2016-03-23 10:00

    Place: Room 939, New Chemistry Building

    Detail: The efficient, reproducible synthesis of bespoke organic nanoparticles of controlled size, morphology and surface functionality in concentrated solution is widely regarded to be a formidable technical challenge. However, we have recently demonstrated that polymerisation-induced self-assembly (PISA) is a highly versatile, potentially scalable platform technology that allows substantial progress to be made towards addressing this important problem. The basic principles of PISA are generic: a wide range of diblock copolymer nano-objects (spheres, worms or vesicles) can be readily prepared in either aqueous solution, ethanol or n-alkanes. In collaboration with industrial partners, various applications are being explored for this platform technology at U. Sheffield, including long-term storage media for stem cells. Selected PISA formulations for both water and n-alkanes will be discussed in this lecture. Characterisation of the in situ evolution in copolymer morphology during PISA using synchrotron SAXS will also be highlighted.


    Organizer: School of Chemistry and Materials Science

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