Teaching Old Oligos New Tricks – A Macromolecular Approach

    Teaching Old Oligos New Tricks – A Macromolecular Approach

  • Lecturer: Dr. Ke Zhang (Northeastern University)

    Time:  2016-05-13 10:00

    Place: Science and technology exhibition hall on 1st floor, New Chemistry Building

    Detail: The promise of using nucleic acid as therapeutic materials is being gradually realized. However, the rate of this realization is too slow, hampered by poor biopharmaceutical properties of naked nucleic acids and the lack of appropriate synthetic carriers. This presentation will focus on the development of new methods for transferring genetic materials to cells using non-electrostatic complexation strategies. The new systems rely upon the arrangement of oligonucleotides and/or polymer strands, which, among many properties, provides the oligonucleotide with steric selectivity towards complementary strands vs. proteins. We have also applied the lessons learned from this approach to the design of newstructures for many other applications such as self-assembly and drug/DNA co-delivery. 


    Organizer:  School of Chemistry and Materials Science

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